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Primavera 6.0 v7

Workshop on Primavera Project Planner (P6) This Primavera Project Planner Training provides in depth project planning training in Primavera. This course provides hands - on training for Primavera's enterprise course. Participants will gain a thorough background in the concepts of planning and scheduling. Scheduling techniques will be covered. This Five-day course leads you through hands-on workshops that create and track an entire project to completion. The workshop will fully cover the three basic elements of project management: schedule, resource and costs. Topics include WBS, Activities, Resources, Resource Assignment, Project Scheduling, Baselines, Tracking/Updation of Project Activities, importing and Exporting project data, advanced scheduling options and top-down budgeting.

  Who can benefit from Primavera ?

Project Managers, Planning Managers, Planning Engineers, Document Controllers, Site Engineers, Supervisors, General Managers, Vice Presidents of all disciplines like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Production Engineering, IT, Software Development, Maintenance, Shutdown Projects and Construction companies, Project Management Consultants, Small and Medium Enterprises, IT Companies, Software Companies, and any organization involved in projects are highly benefited by using Primavera.


Our Course Structure is as same as International level, please verify it from other sources.



Course ID




Duration in Hours

1 ppm110 PPM Concepts + MSP + Primavera Essential + Primavera Advance 140
2 ppm120

PPM Concepts + Primavera Essential + Primavera Advance

3 ppm130

PPM Concepts + Primavera Essential

4 ppm140

Primavera Essential + Primavera Advance

5 ppm150

Primavera Essential

6 ppm160

PPM Concepts + MSP

7 ppm170


8 ppm180

MSP + Primavera Essential

9 ppm190 PPM Concepts + MSP 63
Courses provide along with respective branches (Ex: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, IT, Management)
Fundamental Project Management knowledge and a working knowledge of Windows™

Our Course Structure is at par with International standards. Please verify before joining

Primavera Course Contents:

1. Overview
  • Describe the Primavera modules
  • Explain the difference between global and project-specific data
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Defining the Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)
  • Defining Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS)
  • Defining the Project Structure under the EPS

2. Navigating in the Project management module

  • Login to the Project Management module
  • Open an existing project   
  • Navigate the Home and Activities windows    
  • Open an existing layout    
  • Customize a layout     
  • Save a layout
3. Managing Multiple Projects
  • Describe the project structure
  • View the project structure
4. Creating a Project
  • Create a project
  • Navigate the Projects window
  • View and modify information on the Project Details tabs

5. Creating a Work Break down Structure- WBS

  • Define a WBS 
  • Create multiple levels of a WBS hierarchy 
  • Assign a responsible manager to a WBS element
6. Activity Coding
  • Differentiate between global and project activity codes
  • Add new activity codes and values
7. Adding Activity
  • Define an activity
  • Define activity types
  • Add activities
  • Add a notebook topic to an activity 
  • Add steps to an activity
  • Assign activity codes to activities
  • Change a calendar assignment - Global, Project, Resources
8. Maintaining the Project documents Library
  • Describe the difference between a work product and a reference document
  • Link to a project document
  • Specify the location of the document file
  • Assign a project document to an activity
9. Creating Relationship
  • Create a network logic diagram
  • Differentiate between the four relationship types 
  • Create relationships in the Activity Network
  • Create relationships in Activity Details
10. Scheduling
  • Perform a forward and backward pass 
  • Define float and its impact on a schedule 
  • Calculate a schedule 
  • Analyze the scheduling log report 
  • Examine the options in Timescale
11. Assigning Constraints
  • Apply an overall deadline to a project
  • Apply a constraint to an individual activity 
  • Add notebook topics to constrained activities 
  • Describe the available constraint types
12. Formatting Schedule Data
  • Group activities according to a specific criteria 
  • Sort activities 
  • Apply a filter 
  • Create a filter
13. Defining Resources
  • Define resources 
  • Identify the differences between labor, nonlabor and material resources 
  • Describe the steps for resource management 
  • View the resource dictionary
  • setting Unit and Price
14. Assigning Resources and Cost
  • Assign a primary resource 
  • Assign resources to activities 
  • Assign expenses to activities
15. Analyzing Resources and Cost
  • Display a resource usage profile 
  • Format a resource usage profile 
  • Display a cost profile 
  • Format the timescale 
  • Display a resource usage spreadsheet 
  • Format columns to view project costs
16. Optimizing the Project Plan
  • Analyze schedule dates 
  • Shorten a project schedule 
  • Analyze resource availability 
  • Remove resource over allocation 
  • Analyze project costs
17. Baselining the Project Plan
  • Create a baseline plan 
  • Display baseline bars on the Gantt Chart 
  • Modify the bars on the Gantt Chart 
  • Adjust the row height 
  • Wrap text
18. Executing the Project Plan
  • Describe several methods for updating the project schedule 
  • Reschedule the project
19. Analyzing the Updated Project
  • Analyze a project 
  • Perform baseline analysis 
  • Adjust schedule data 
  • Analyze resource and cost data
20. Reporting
  • Describe reporting methods 
  • Run a schedule report 
  • Print a report 
  • Create a cost report with the Report Wizard
21. Creating Output
  • Customize the appearance of headers and footers 
  • Insert and format the curtain and text attachment tools 
  • Format the appearance of the data date
22. Project Website
  • Create and launch a Project Web Site 
  • Customize the appearance of a Project Web Site 
  • Publish activity layouts as HTML pages 
Duration: 42 hrs

PPM Concepts  MSP  Primavera Essential  Primavera Advance


           PPM Concepts
           Primavera Essentials P6
           Primavera P6-Advanced

           EVM (Earned Value)
        MS Project 2010


           STAAD.Pro 2008


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         Industrial Engineering


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