Choosing the correct center for Primavera P6 Training Online

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Dear Readers,

Whether choosing a college, tuition center, Jobor training center, our mind often revolves around the pros & cons and gives us a mixed feeling for choosing a correct one.

We often think both positive and negative aspects of everything for which we ask our near & dear ones to help. But, on seeking help from others we always fail to understand that whether the person, whom we asked for help, is really the correct person to ask?

Being in the field of Primavera P6 Training and consulting for years and my experience from different kind of enquiries from students, I am hereby pointing out few pointer one should consider before joining any Online/Offline training center for Primavera P6 training.

How to select right Institute for getting Training?

It’s a million dollar question, which everyone faces at least once in their life. I may not be able to answer the same for all kind of training center but with my years of experience and wisdom I am able to help you out to choose the right institute for getting Primavera P6 training Online/Offline.

Before Joining Primavera P6 course in any Institute You should follow below given points.

  1. Don’t do not give importance to Institute brand name, but ask about the course delivering methods:-

Primavera P6 training Online/Offline can only be delivered by an experienced project Manager, who has hands on with real-time working experience on Primavera. But alas, such successful people are in no way willing to be a full time employees of any training institutes.

From my 16+ yrs.of experience, I strongly believe that a Trainer should have SAP-PS or MM working experience and without practical experience regarding project, how can someone able to teach even basics of the project!!! It is highly impossible.No one can have understanding about OPEX, CAPEX, what is the cost center, GL, PR, PO, Service entry, Budget log, Approvals, estimation, Contract Management, Relationship Management, Site Operations and Manpower Management, resource planning, Cost Planning etc.

No doubt, there are company authorized Institutes that caters only to the corporate training requirements and do not focus on individual training & mostly these persons having IT background not Core Industry.It is no way possible to train on primavera P6 unless you are planner or consultant yourself with having knowledge of SAP, TPM, PMP, Six Sigma, 5S & Lean etc.

We take pride in setting up our own server and registering for procuring the license holder of EPPM 15.2 from Oracle to deliver quality services to our clients flawlessly.Over 1700 trainees across India have beenturned into efficient professionals by enrolling into our company‘s passionate and dedicated Primavera P6 Online training program.


  1. Check for the faculty’s real time experience, Qualification &credentials, course details&Latest Software version:-

The faculty might not be able to train you on most valuable features unless the faculty himself have 14/15 years of experience in planning sector. For instance, one radio button will change whole scheduling, like wise there are many more tabs setting, radio buttons, options to name. Hence, a trainer with lots of planning knowledge might not be able to deliver due to poor understanding of latest Software Interface (Primavera GUI and features).Always Prefer Trainer who is currently working in any organization as a planner or scheduler. Learn P6 7.0 & P6 8.3 Web both.Primavera deals with project management with all major domain like civil, mechanical and electrical as prerequisite, the trainer should hold the relevant B.E/B-Tech in qualification to be able to deal with the subject efficiently.

Primavera has much more features compare to MSP 2010 professional and leverages that features to have better control on the projects.I believe that Primavera is powerful software, and helps to have control over budgeting, planning and controlling the overall project (I am having experience in this business for more than 6 years of providing Training & consulting to various industries.)

Primavera is useful for professional with experience and will be of little use to the rest; however learners with MSP 2010 can understand the subject to larger extent.It is recommended to have a fair knowledge of MSP before you set your sight on Primavera Project Management learning, recommended MSP2010 for early starters with Project Mangers.

Primavera comes with improved features over the previous versions. Being a learner yourself, you might not be in position to know whether all the features are cover in your training session or some of the most valuables are left out.

Here in Wiznic World, we have a pool of expertise who are certified Oracle Primavera Trainer, Oracle certified product experts and project management professionals having years of real-time industry experience as well as Corporate Consultants.

  1. Does the training center providing post course support:-

Even after completing the Primavera P6 Training Online/Offline, it might be challenging to work in real scenario; hence, it is suggested that you get your faculty agrees to help you in such challenging situation. It might take you 2/3 projects in real-time to learn all the tricks to handle and sail through projects successfully. Thus getting the information about assisting with post course completion support will help you get through your real-time project hassle-free.

Wiznic World offers you one year support where the faculty can always help you over phone or online whatever is convenient to both the parties involves, even after completion of the course as a post course support to stay ahead in your project as well as in your career.

  1. What kind of certification you will get on taking the course training:-

PMP certification does help and it is mediatory to acquire PMP certification once you have more than 5 years of experience for a very successful career ahead.PMP certification Training & Primavera software may not be related but to be very simple, Primavera is a tool and PMP is concept. Primavera is the Oracle’s project planning tool, so better to have training & certification from an authorized training center from Oracle.

Being an Oracle’s authorized training center Wiznic World provides you an authorized certification from Oracle after completion of the course.

  1. Is your educational backgroundeligible for taking the course:-

Primavera deals with project management with all major domain like civil, mechanical and electrical, etc. So basically any Graduation & Post-Graduation candidates can handle this course. It works like a boon to the candidates having some knowledge on project management which can help them to grasp the concept easily.

  1. Do you get enough attention for your training:-

From our childhood we often took our learning in groups, where the teachers/faculties shower their knowledge to smart & intelligent students whereas they pay no attention to others. Hence, to receive better attention of the trainer, it is better to have small group of student or individual sessions and get trained on the latest version of Primavera P6 7.0 or 8.1 or 8.2 or 8.3.

Wiznic World offers Primavera P6 Training Online, where a student can have one to one interactive training sessions with the faculties.

Before getting Primavera P6 Training Online, what Questions to be asked!!!!!!!!!

  1. Time factor as per your time zone: – Does the training center provide training on your convenient timing?
  2. Method of Payment: – Is your payment secured in order to prevent any miscreants?
  3. Course duration: –Like How many days in a week?Hours per day?,Total Hours of the course?
  4. Any mid or final exam?
  5. What is the course outline& Fees? –Teaching primavera essential (foundation) or primavera advance or both? What will be training fee if you will do both?
  6. Getting practical training on Software Version: –Howyou will have (install) primavera in my system?How & where to download the software P6 7.0?

If you are interested and want to do that course, then follow above points or don’t do the course where your money will be wasted.

Get in touch with forums to have better understanding, before/after joining the course.

Please follow our course syllabus, we are at par with International standard, keeping in view the above suggestion, you can rate the institute and compare course fees.

For more information about us visit


Technical Questions to be asked in the time of learning Primavera P6

Q-1 Primavera is best to calculate cost per 8hrs, in assigning Resources –

Let’s Exp.

Excavator 8hr/day $100/day $800/ Total budget it will show


Excavator 10hr/day $100/day $1000/ Total budget it will show

Ask Faculty to solve- it should not $ 1000/ it should be showing $800/ as because you are paying per day basis not hour basis, not to bother about the how many hrs. it worked.

Q-2 – In Resources window let’s assume 4 resources named A, B, C, D assigned a job to complete within 10 days. Assigning a plane resources is easy, ask faculty to solve like A, B will work same job for 4 days, then C, D will work for another 4 days then finally A, D will work rest 2 days. How to do??

Q-3- In Primavera it is easy to describe Activity % completion in Duration, Physical & Unit wise, but ask any faculty to teach you Activity % by step wise, this is very very important.

Q-4- How to calculate the cost for activities that have labor/no labor/material units with no assigned resources/roles or resources/roles that do not have prices.

Before joining you should first ask these Questions to your faculty, then after joining go to good forum sites, collect question & solve your all kind of doubts.

Primavera is bit difficult to learn, not so easy so be serious otherwise you will forget all things if you are not.

Who is the Planner by Technically?

The Person who owns Engineering, Operation, Maintenance & Execution is called Planner or Project manager, rest are scheduler.

In other way – planners who delegated to manage and control the project or the manufacturing site must understand engineering drawings, specification, detail scope and quantities, rest who is working in Primavera & MS Project without understanding engineering drawings, documents, specifications and dependencies among the disciplines/tasks are just program operator or level scheduler.

* All these information is for betterment for students who want to step up for planning & Primavera P6 Training online.

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