Essential Topics Need To Learn in Primavera P6

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Often while choosing or after choosing the right training center, we overlook the factor that what is essential for us to learn about the subject. Many tutorials tend to either skip or teach less about the major topics of the subject which lead to problems in real-time application of the course/software.
Thanks to our real-time experienced faculties from diverse discipline, we now are able to cover all such topics which one might face during real-time application of Primavera software. More to it we provide support for 1 year post course completion for better growth of our students.

Below are few topics which one should know about before deciding to join any Primavera training institute:-

1. How to update 1 master schedule automatically from 20 no. of vendor / contractor /Subcontractor (.XER) file?
2. How to edit Baseline which once already created & used in the project whereas schedule is updated along with Actual dates? (No need to create BL1/2/3)
3. How to do Cash Flow in real time in Primavera P6?
What is the Cash flow as per the real Industry meaning – 

  • Ex:- Let’s assume 1 Equipment need to be procured for your project, then what are steps to make payment –
  • 10% of the payment on releasing Order or LOI
  • 30% of the payment to be released after Inspection
  • 40% of the payment to be released goods after shipment or on site
  • 20 % of the rest to be paid after 1 month of commissioning.Actually Primavera simple doing – total Budget/ total duration & showing the cash flow which is totally in sense.

4. What is the Cost overrun & Delay Analysis & how to show in Primavera?
5. How to update your schedule on physical % complete & if updated then how to show remaining duration?
6. How Free Float & Total Float calculated what the logic is behind?
7. How to make non-critical activity to critical activity & Critical activity to non-critical activity?
8. How to put Ordinal Durations in column?
9. What is the Retain Logic & its application in various ways?
10. Working schedule in cross platform? Practical exercise to import MSP files to P6 files & excel to P6 vice versa.
11. How to convert P3 file to P6 file & vice versa
12. How to create Project without WBS but it can be present as WBS (very Important)
13. What are the fixed units, fixed unit/time, fixed duration & units/time & fixed duration & units? Again it varies as per preserve & Recalculate method. Knowing in details is very essential.
14. How to use resource properly for material, there is no. of ways to find /options.
15. How to Resolving Resource Over-allocations in Primavera P6
16. What is a Level of Effort in Primavera P6 & how to implement?
17. How to work different WBS levels?
18. How to work in multi Activity codes?
19. How to Creating & Organizing a Resource Pool in Primavera P6?
20. What is the ROI & how to implement?
21. How to work on Scheduling log file.

These are few topics which one faces regularly while working on Primavera software. Hence it is essential for a student to get the complete basics and working understanding about the software in order to apply it in real-time application.

So, readers please don’t hesitate to ask about these topics to whichever training institute you are preferring as you are just not paying for the certificate but also to have a work-on experience about the Primavera software for the real-time application.

All the best for your future endeavors and please do let us know your thoughts on the same.

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