Primavera Training Program in Kolkata – A Huge Demand of Project Management Professional

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Kolkata is renowned for being a hub of IT and & ITES industries. Along with that quickly developing city has grown with the infrastructure and new construction made a huge demand of project management professional. With the development of the infrastructure and incremental growth, the requirement of the project and portfolio management has been significantly increased in the Kolkata. The proper sophisticated as well as robust project management can only backed the huge transduction and operation process for the sustainable development. Now a day’s projects and portfolio management system has been framed with the software which made the project management more flexible, customized and supportive to the industries. Primavera is the most popular now a days, for its reliability, flexibility and sophisticacy. As the primavera software is  very vast and having potential to operate large enterprise to medium and small enterprises in its different levels, the proper training and good command in it is required for operating the software and redeem its total capability.

There are several institutes are there who offers course in primavera in the Kolkata. Te career aspirant should always remember some important points while taking training from any institutes. The career aspirant whether they are working professionals or a student seeking career in Project management or enterprise management should look into the course content, media of practice, hands on experience etc while taking a training on primavera. But the most important point to remember before persuasion of the Primvera training programme is the bench of faculty members. The primavera project management software can teach properly by a professional faculty who has a good experience in the project management industry. The faculty without having real time project experience cannot explain best practices and troubleshooting to the students. Preferably an oracle certified professional faculty should train the students to make understood them the methodology of the primavera.

However, there are a numbers of institutes offers primavera training in Kolkata. But none of them except few are Oracle partner. Now, question is that, why you should learn Primavera from an oracle partner institute only? Only oracle partner institutes share the original oracle methodology of the project management in which is in the backbone of the Primavera software. In oracle Partner institutes the faculty members are highly experienced in various industries mostly form EPCM and oracle certified who can clearly explain the best practice for the operation of the software. The faculties can share their experience through there long professional careers to describe the proper application of the Primavera software in the project management field. The training institute who has a consultancy firm on projects and portfolio management services are most preferable. Because, the firm works for various renowned firms across the country. Therefore, in their institutes, the faculties are well experienced in the industrial fields. They have the original software which is used for the training in cloud networking mode, in which student can be benefited to experienced with the full access to the software.

In the last, I would like to brief the important points for the selection of primavera institutes in Kolkata here with.

  1. Is the faculties are oracle certified and experienced in industries?
  2. Is the institute use original software for the training?
  3. Dose the institute provides the access on the software for practicing?
  4. Is the institute open for real time projects for the students?

One career aspirant should ask those questions before undergo the primavera training course.

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