Project Management Training Course

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Study on project management is sound everywhere now a day. With the advancement of the project management and technological development increased the demand of the project management professional in the industries. There are several tools and software like Primavera, Prince, Microsoft Projects, etc. has been emerged to manage the project. The basic principal and the methodology used in the software has been covered in the project management course. There are some certification also awarded as “ Project management Professional (PMP)”, which is highly demanding in the industries.  Here we have brief about the contents of the project management training course for the career aspirant on this field.

Mostly the course covered with following topics.

Project Selection: This part of the course includes of business case and projects approval. Various case studies and

Integration Management: The integration of overall project planning, execution, job allocation, resource allotment, scheduling change control and project closure.

Scope Management: Identifying of the project requirement, defining scope of work, creation of WBS contents in this section.

Time Management: Scheduling the project with network relationship, estimating LOE, determination of critical path, schedule development and control are contented in this part.

Cost Management: Budget analysis, resource cost analysis, earn value analysis are the highlighted points in this part.

Risk Management: This part is very vital for the entire project management study. Identification of risk and its intensity, likelihood and resolution planning are very important topic in this part.

Quality Management: There are two major part of quality management which are quality assurance and quality control commonly covered in this part.

Procurement Management: This is another vital part of the project management which covers, vendor management, logistics, selection of sourcing etc.

Human Resource Management: Preparing competency model, stuffing plans, training gap analysis etc covers in this part of the course.

Communications Management: This is widely called as MIS (management information systems). Basically in this part covers stockholders’ management and information dissemination.

Professional Responsibility: In this part, the course elaborate about the responsibility and accountability of a project manager and brief about the professional responsibilities.

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