Tilos training: Individual courses for your entry into scheduling with time-location-diagrams

Why is Tilos training useful?

The Tilos scheduling software for linear projects has exceptionally rich and specialized display and scheduling capabilities. There are four main focuses in the operation:

  1. General usage of the graphical software-like interface
  2. Layout of charts including additional distance information for time-location diagrams
  3. The actual linear scheduling including resource planning
  4. Presentation and design of meaningful, professional time-location-chharts

Although you can familiarize oneself with the usage of Tilos itself, experience shows that this is a time-consuming and often ineffective process. Often there are gaps in knowledge. If you need to be effective quickly, Tilos training or individual training / coaching can help.

If you would like to get involved in the many functions of Tilos in a targeted and efficient manner, Planavista Consulting with its many years of experience in a wide range of Tilos applications / projects and user groups is an important contact.

Even if you only want to use limited functions, this is analyzed in the training and presented to you exactly as it makes sense for you.

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