Project Scheduling

Everyone has come across CPM Scheduling at some point or the other. While one may feel like one doesn’t need to concern oneself with it, there’s decent likelihood that you’ll be up to your shoulders in the Critical Path Method once that big project gets started. Yes, Primavera P6 runs all sorts of fancy algorithms when you hit F9 – but having at least a fundamental knowledge of how CPM Scheduling works is going to help you go far as a planner/scheduler

We, at Wiznic World, provide you the ultimate solution! We all know that knowledge is power, But here, we’d like to say that applied knowledge is power. We take up all your scheduling responsibilities for even the most complex projects and make it easier for you to control the various other dependent entities for an incredibly low cost!

We possess a pool of experienced Primavera P6 Consultants who have a commendable skill set and are industry professionals who can ease your scheduling tasks for your firm and saves you a lot of money and time.

How do we go about it?

Our field and software expertise reduces the time your project staff expends in setting up meetings and preparing reports, while our team and its quality control procedures helps reduce your project risks and save you a lot of time.

Key benefits – Cost savings, Schedule Quality, and Schedule Risk Management

Baseline Scheduling:

  • We work with Your Team to Develop Your Plan
  • Successful Baseline Procedure for Rapid Deployment
  • Design and Construction of / for Schedule Development
  • Qualitative and Technical Schedule Reviews

Schedule Updating:

  • Ongoing Planning of Remaining Work
  • Critical Path Accounting
  • Weekly and/or Monthly Updates
  • Detailed Status for As-built Schedule
  • Delay Identification and Analysis of Issues
  • Project Team Accountability
  • Executive Summaries

Why We for Scheduling ?

  • No need to hire full-time staff
  • No need to buy software
  • No need to invest in project management software training
  • No need to invest in servers and hardware systems
  • Saves time and money by focusing on what you are good at. (managing your project, not the scheduling software)
  • Provide your stakeholders with a quality schedule that team members will respect and follow;
  • Benefits from experts over 20 years of experience in developing and managing schedules



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