Creating a schedule update report for program sponsors or customers that they are happy with is not always an easy task. What do you provide them? Would a progressed Gantt chart be sufficient? Or how about a tabulated report? Well, a tabulated report may provide the sponsors the level of detail they desire and in a better format. Wiznic World helps you achieve that!

Your schedule, which includes both physical and duration activity percent complete types, has progressed several weeks. Because your schedule includes activity steps that are not displayed on the Gantt chart a tabulated report would be better than a print out of the Gantt chart. Details on activity steps may be included in a tabulated report. The tabulated report may also be tailored for easy reading of data. We do it all!

Significant enhancements have been made to the web reporting in Primavera Release 8. Primavera Web reporting is done using Oracle Business Intelligence (BI). Reports can be output in different formats, scheduled and distributed via different methods (printers, file, email, content repository etc.)

The P6 EPPM license includes restricted-use licenses for Oracle BI that allows web users to run the standard set of about 40 reports that Primavera supplies with the web module. To build new BI reports you will need to purchase a license for Oracle BI Publisher. But we provide a purchase free consulting and reporting package hence a lot of your cost is reduced.

Reporting from the P6 Professional client is unchanged from previous versions and is independent of the Oracle Business Intelligence approach. There is no direct path for making your P6 Professional reports available to be run by web users (they can view reports created in P6 Professional though). Wiznic World helps you do that as well!

P6 Analytics is an additional reporting option that provides interactive reporting dashboards, drill down capabilities, and graphics. We have P6 Analytics experts to guide you through the reporting!

How do we go about it?

Our expertise in Reporting is unsurpassed in the industry. Key benefits – Reporting Quality and Clarity, and Successful Resolution support by leading industry experts.

Service includes:

Delay Analysis:

  • Review project schedules to determine the best analysis method
  • Pure Delay Analysis
  • Disruption Analysis
  • Concurrency Evaluations
  • Acceleration and Productivity Delays

Cost Analysis:

  • Damage Calculations
  • Differing Site Condition impacts
  • Disruption Analysis
  • Productivity Losses

Project Audit:

  • Cost Overrun Evaluations
  • Schedule Overrun Evaluations

Expert Witness:

  • Clear and Concise Analysis and Expert Reports

Why Wiznic World for Scheduling Review?

  • No need to invest in project management software training
  • No need of worrying about Delay and Cost Analysis;
  • No need to invest extra in Project audit and Expert Witness
  • No need to invest in servers and hardware systems;
  • Provide your stakeholders with a quality schedule that team members will respect and follow;
  • Benefits from experts having over 20 years of experience in developing and managing schedules



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