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Primavera P6 Software is available in the Cloud via Hosting

This delivery model is perfect for companies looking for project management delivery through the Cloud. With the release of Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) Release 15.x

Primavera Software is now available through the Cloud. Primavera P6 is a best-of-breed software which can now be delivered via Oracle’s SaaS solution deployed quickly and securely to provide enterprise-wide project and portfolio management visibility. The delivery of Primavera P6 EPPM in the Cloud addresses the immediate need for clients who require Primavera software to be deployed quickly as a SaaS subscription inspired service allowing for rapid deployments from contract to go-live in 30-days or less.

Wiznic World Cloud provides an on premise Cloud offering for deploying Oracle/Custom engineered Systems under a monthly pricing model. Along with the appeal of pay-as-you-go pricing, the cost of Global PM Cloud is generally lower than the comparable purchase option, and is often an operational, (not capital) expense. Access your project information at anytime from anywhere using any device. All you need is an internet connection!

Primavera SaaS

Over the years, Wiznic World has sought to follow the natural evolution towards market to a global economy, encouraging entrepreneurs and decision makers in general to adhere to new types of work, supported by technologically advanced solutions to give a positive boost to optimize business management.

Following the latest international trends in Cloud Computing, Wiznic World provides organizations a new access to the software model – Software as a Service (SaaS), from which organizations can access and work with applications of an online mode, with high levels of service and security guaranteed by a Data-center thoroughly accredited.

This option where the customer subscribes to a service instead of purchasing licenses is the most economical, fast and secure way to find solutions tailored to meet the real needs of organizations, freeing them of any concerns with the implementation, maintenance or software updates.

This is the ideal solution for entrepreneurs who do not intend to make a large initial investment, A it includes the rental of the software and infrastructure, One can subscribe to a service with all the features of the traditional model of perpetual software licensing, at a substantially lower price.

How do we go about it?

  • With the SaaS model, you do not own the software, you purchase a “subscription” for as many licenses as you need, usually on an annual basis.
  • You do not deploy the software, it is provided to you through “The Cloud” (Online through the internet).
  • So, as long as you have a connection to the internet, you have access to the software and can use it just like you would use it as if it is running on your own computers or servers.
  • Additionally, you don’t have to pay an annual “maintenance fee”, it is included in the subscription. Software version updates may be automatic or provided on request.
  • When your project completes, you will receive a backup of your data which in most cases can be accessed by a variety of SQL query and report tools.
  • Or you can reduce your number of subscribers to a minimum number to be able to access your data for as long as you need it.

Why We for Primavera SaaS on demand?

  • No need to invest in project management software training;
  • No need of worrying about Delay and Cost Analysis
  • No need to invest extra in Project audit and Expert Witness;
  • No need to invest in servers and hardware systems
  • Provide your stakeholders with a quality schedule that team members will respect and follow;
  • Benefit from experts having over 20 years of experience in developing and managing schedules.
  • Cloud based solutions are easily accessible and extraordinarily efficient.
  • Software as a Service is the latest trend.

Oracle Primavera Hosting

With the introduction of Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) Release 8.3.2, Oracle now offers business-driven PMO through the Cloud. This best-of-breed Software as a Service (SaaS) solution can be deployed quickly and securely. With no hardware to buy or to install and minimal internal IT intervention up front, total cost of ownership is reduced. There’s also no network or server-level admin involvement to manage ongoing operations and minimal or no customization consulting and programming expenses. Cloud solutions are designed to allow admins to configure advanced functionality on the fly as business needs to grow and change. Modern Cloud PPM enables you to

Primavera P6 Cloud services include:

  • Deliver Primavera purpose-built solutions in the newest, most cost effective way.
  • Establish worldwide standards and accelerate staff ramp-up with self-service capabilities.
  • Institutionalize best practices for real-time collaboration with native social network communication tools.
  • Primavera P6 EPPM
  • Primavera P6 Professional
  • Primavera EPPM Web Services
  • Primavera P6 Team Member
  • Primavera Team Member for iPhone and iPad
  • Primavera P6 Email Statusing
  • Primavera P6 Progress Reporter
  • Document Management
  • BI Publisher
  • WebLogic Application Server

P6 Cloud Connect: Primavera P6 Professional connects to the Cloud using a new connector called P6 Cloud Connect. Instead of connecting to the database on the Cloud, this connector is used to send and receive data. Users still have a direct connection to the most up-to-data project information. The Cloud service supports all of the Primavera P6 user interfaces and mobile apps. In addition, customers can now deploy both Primavera P6 EPPM and Primavera Unifier in the Cloud—and run them together. Each Cloud service includes both a test and a production environment.

More Cloud to Come where Oracle plans to add the following Primavera P6 Cloud services in the future

  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Primavera P6 Analytics
  • Primavera Gateway

How do we go about it?

Cloud computing allows small developers to provide a software application to customers at a very affordable price. Many of the mobile apps you run on your iphone, or Android that communicate with other users are hosted ‘in the Cloud.’ Facebook uses Cloud computing. Specialty social networks like Socialcast do also. Even Google can be defined as Cloud computing as your search is handled by thousands of different servers at any instant based on worldwide demand.

It’s not difficult to make a traditional in house solution work in the Cloud. The rewriting is minimal.

You usually don’t have to do significant upfront hardware setup or acquisition costs which is often the case with hosting.

Software can be outright sold, or ‘rented’ in this model

Why Wiznic World for Primavera Hosting?

  • No need to hire full-time staff;
  • No need to invest in project management software training;
  • Benefits from experts over 20 years of experience in developing and managing schedules.
  • Saves time and money by focusing on what you are good at: (Managing your project, not the scheduling software)
  • No need to invest in servers and hardware systems
  • No need to buy software;
  • Provide your stakeholders with a quality schedule that team members will respect and follow;
  • And our consultants are skilled at rapidly analyzing your situation, determining the right mix of high-value, high-impact solutions, and quickly executing the best solutions to deliver measurable and sustainable results.

Cloud Knowledge Zone

Oracle Primavera is the market leader in Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software applications. Our PPM solutions provide organizations with a tangible business benefit and clear return on investment by giving them the ability to propose, prioritize, select, plan, manage and control projects and initiatives, ensuring that they make the right investment decisions in line with their strategic objectives.

Primavera Unifier Cloud Service provides a complete set of management and government tools across all project phases from planning and building to operations, enabling companies to effectively manage their capital and construction programs. By combining Unifier with industry leading capabilities from Oracle Primavera products, Oracle intends to create a full lifecycle Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) platform that provides a comprehensive offering from capital planning and construction to operations and maintenance for owners and operators, contractors and sub-contractors

How do we go about it?

Knowledge Zones are solution-focused pages designed to jump start your path towards Specialization while guiding you to detailed information on how to develop, sell, and implement Oracle solutions. Dive into the Oracle Knowledge Zones today and discover the potential opportunity for your business

Why Wiznic World for Cloud Knowledge Zone?

  • You don’t need a separate office setup, as we operate from where we are
  • Error free reviewing from the best in class consultants
  • Value for your outsourcing decision
  • Needn’t worry about audits
  • Needn’t worry about Executive Summary of Project Progress and Issues.
  • We offer you the best one stop solution

Virtual Project Office

VPO | Virtual Project Office makes it possible. VPO is simply the best system for organizing and sharing information securely over the Web. Based on Microsoft® SharePoint®, it is a secure collaborative tool that can eliminate many of the everyday challenges of large construction, engineering and building projects —the challenges that, left unresolved, can develop into costly delays or litigation.

VPO’s purpose is to bring about consistent and continually improving professional standards of project management across all Faculties’ and Directorates’ projects, with the end result that business improvements happen smoothly and deliver the expected benefits. Another important aim is to enable effective overall coordination of project activity. Wiznic World gladly offers this services on VPO too!

VPO services evolve in response to needs that are identified through systematic interaction with programmers and projects. The services currently being developed are:

  • Project management assurance;
  • Project management consultancy;
  • Developing communities of best practice in project management
  • Online resources (such as tools, guidance and a register of projects)
  • Continuing Professional Development; and
  • Project Manager Pool.

How do we go about it?

Virtual project management is the system by which virtual teams collaborate for a finite period of time towards a specific goal. We at Wiznic World manage the Virtual Projects through the VPO and help you strive for the best project framework.

We identify virtual teams (a.k.a. Geographically Dispersed Team) as a “group of individuals who work across time, space and organizational boundaries with links strengthened by webs of communication technology. They have complementary skills and are committed to a common purpose, have interdependent performance goals, and share an approach to work for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.”

Rather than just a mere curiosity, promoters of virtual teams assert there are many advantages to virtual teams. A few of the drivers leading to interest in virtual teams include attracting the best workers independent of location, no need to relocate existing workers, flexibility, reduction in travel time and expense, environments requiring inter-organizational cooperation, shift towards service work, global workdays, and changes in workers expectations.

Why Wiznic World for Cloud Knowledge Zone?

  • No need to invest in project management software training
  • No need of worrying about Delay and Cost Analysis;
  • No need to invest extra in Project audit and Expert Witness;
  • No need to invest in servers and hardware systems;
  • Provide your stakeholders with a quality schedule that team members will respect and follow;
  • Benefit from experts over 20 years of experience in developing and managing schedules.
  • Cloud based solutions are easily accessible and extraordinarily efficient.
  • Virtual Project Office is the most trending advancement in today’s world and we are the best at it.



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