Staff Augmentation

There are numerous reasons for firms to choose Wiznic World for their Primavera P6 staffing needs. Sometimes the staffing request follows a successful implementation, where the firms have witnessed, first-hand, our capabilities. Other times, it’s been through our service; Wiznic World’s qualified Primavera P6 application and technical consultants consistently deliver results. Our team offers deep knowledge of and experience with the Primavera P6 applications, best project management practices and professional delivery. Precisely, we are easy to work with and save your firms’ time and money, while improving project delivery.

Whether you are looking for highly skilled Primavera P6 application experts to augment your team, to satisfy a short term demand or to become a longer term team member, Wiznic World can help. The reasons you may need our additional support may be:

  • Your firm has just won a new project and need to rapidly ramp up its project team
  • Your firm is looking for short term project support that doesn’t warrant a full time hire
  • Your firm has corporate moratoriums on increasing full time headcount
  • Your firm doesn’t have the bandwidth to go through the recruitment, induction and training processes
  • Your firm has a skill gap in its team for Primavera P6 application or technical consultants

Wiznic World consultants are uniquely qualified to help organizations that need highly skilled Primavera P6 staff to augment their project teams. Our team of consultants has a long history of successfully applying Primavera P6 applications in real world situations. They have been certified by Primavera and, in some cases, have worked directly for Primavera.

Having a strong project team is critical to successful project delivery. Adding Wiznic World consultants to your project team will give you instant access to Primavera P6 application and technical experts. We invite you to associate with us and Join other clients who have chosen Wiznic World to help them achieve immediate productivity gains and bring their projects to successful completion.

How do we go about it?

Control over staff

Integration with internal processes

Leverage existing resources: By adding new skill sets to the team, you can take advantage of both external and internal resources for the completion of your projects.

Specialist expertise: When project team gaps mainly consist of specialized skills, we efficiently fill those gaps.

Rapidly changing staffing needs: If your firm’s staffing needs in constant flux, It’s relatively easy to add or subtract resources to match demand

Reduce cost of acquiring skills

Reduce employer burdens

Meet aggressive project timelines: When an active project has a need for more resources in order to be completed on time, we augment staff for you

Internal acceptance: Existing employees often embrace a staff augmentation model more than a project outsourcing model.

Ease of adoption: It’s easier to adopt a staff augmentation model than a project outsourcing model. Companies are already used to hiring employees. Staff augmentation is just a small shift from what companies already do

Why Wiznic World for Staff Augmentation?

  • No need to invest in project management software training;
  • No need to worry about short deadlines;
  • We offer the best consultants and a team of experts;
  • We bridge the gap of Project and Resources;
  • No need to invest in servers and hardware systems;
  • Benefit from experts having over 20 years of experience in developing and managing schedules;
  • No need to worry about your project specifications as we can provide you the numbers you want



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